The GlamCurl Pro
The GlamCurl Pro

The GlamCurl Pro

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Bring Your Stylist Into Your Home!

The GlamCurl Pro Curling Iron lets you style, iron, and condition your hair simultaneously and in a fraction of the time!

The carbon-ceramic coated barrel gently brings your hair up to optimal temperature and the superior heating chamber design distributes heat evenly to prevent damage and create perfect curls!



  • Saves Time - Automation reduces curling time by over 65% when compared to a manual curler
  • Reduces Strain On Your Hands - Eliminates the need to manually wrap and hold each strand of hair around an outdated curling iron
  • Creates High-Quality Curls - Smart curling technology enables the Power Curler to get it right the first time by controlling heat distribution
  • Eliminates Burn Risk -  Fully internal heating and curling prevents accidental burns on your hands
  • Digital Temperature Control - Adjustable temperature makes this perfect for thin and thick hair
  • Anti-Snag Design - Enclosed barrel spin and seamless design ensure even distribution of hair and prevent any snags
  • Active Damage Prevention - Internal timer lets you know when your hair has reached the perfect curl
  • Dual-Direction Curling - Allows you to frame your face beautifully by allowing curling in both directions


Our revolutionary technology produces infrared heat to align the negative ions in your hair.

The GlamCurl Pro efficiently distributes the infrared heat evenly to avoid hair damage and leaves your hair with a shiny, smooth, and healthy-looking finish.